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2022 Golf Addicts & Hard Drive Match Play Tournament

             Dave                         Pearl

                       1st Place                                           2nd Place

               Brian                     Laau "Stik"

                          3rd Place                                    4th Place


Qualifying Round:

   15 May @ 0705

   Waikele (GA)


Round of 16:

   22 May @ 0712

   Royal Hawaiian (HD)



   29 May @ 0726

   Pearl CC (GA)



   5 June @ 0831

   Royal Kunia (HD)



   12 June @1004

   Kapolei (GA)




1.  80% of handicap will be used.


2.  Low net scores in the qualifying round will be used to assign "high-low" pairings for the first round (1 & 16, 2 & 15, etc.)


3.  Players will be paired up with whoever they are playing for that round.


4.  The tie-breaker will be a hole-by-hole comparison with the 1st hole played in the round.  The winner of the hole will be declared the winner of the match.


5.  Players who miss any outing in the tournament will forfeit their match.


6.  No concessions.  Since it is also club play, all players will have to putt out.


1st Place - $200


2nd Place - $60


3rd Place - $40


4th Place - $20

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