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Updates to Club Rules

Copies of the full Golf Addicts Constitution, Bylaws & Tournament Rules are available from the Club Secretary

New Rule - Maximum Strokes

To ensure reasonable pace of play, the club established a maximum hole score of par + 4 for each hole during a round.  For example, on a par-3 hole, the maximum hole score is 7; on par-4 or par-5 holes, the maximum is 8 and 9, respectively.  If "picking up" prior to reaching the max, the maximum hole score will include 2 putts.  Otherwise, the actual number of putts (in reaching the max) must be counted.

Constitution - Article IV. Executive Committee

The term of office for club officers shall be for one year beginning on December 1st and ending on November 30th.  (Change in term from January 1-December 31 is proposed in order to align with HSGA reporting requirements.)

Bylaws - Section L. Special Tournaments

Special Tournaments in addition to the “Ace of Aces” & “Pink Ball Tournament” may be held throughout the year.  Golf Addicts members who participate in the weekly tournament games and who qualify for the “Special Tournaments” may participate.  Points received from the weekly games that have gone to the club will be used for these Special Tournaments. To establish their eligibility for the special tournaments, those members who do NOT participate in the Front/Back/Overall/Skins games must pay a 1-point administrative fee at each outing through the year.  [EC approved 12/31/2020]

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